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High Performance O-Rings for Static and Dynamic Applications

O-Rings are very important to us, they are a critical component of nearly every type of application. These inexpensive, easy to replace and maintain components don’t always get the credit they deserve. But, when they are not properly selected or cared for, O-Rings can create leaks, stop production, and damage equipment. O-Rings are among the sealing industry’s most important sealing component.

We take great pride in providing our high performance O-Rings to our customers all over the world. Applications range from garden hose couplings, hydraulic cylinders, oil and gas, to aerospace, making it the world’s most popular volume-produced seal. We supply O-Rings to Distributors, MROs, OEMs, designers, engineers, maintenance staff and plant operators. Buy online or via our dedicated O-Ring Sales department.

An O-Ring is specified by its inner diameter, its cross-section diameter, its material hardness/durometer (typically defined by the Shore A hardness), and its material composition. During business hours we can help you select or find the correct O-Ring via the online "O-Ring Help" chat or email.