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The O-Ring Store LLC offers the seal industry's largest selection of O-rings, all avaialble to you on-line. In addition to standard AS568 and metric sizes, we also custom manufacture O-rings to satisfy customers' specific needs for special sizes and compounds. We make getting o-rings easy!

An O-ring, also spelled o'ring, "O"ring or oring, is a flexible gasket with a circular cross section used to create an leak-proof seal and available online. The O-ring is seated in a groove and compressed between two or more parts to create the seal. Depending on the compound, rubber O-rings are strong, pliable, and resistant to oils and chemicals. The rubber O-ring is one of the simplest and most common types of seal for a wide range of applications. O-Ring seals are standard in connection fittings for tubing, hoses, and pipes, but they can be used to seal most anything with a passageway. O-rings vary in size from 0.5mm to 2" thick, and 1mm inside diameter to as big as your imagination, using our vulcanizing equipment. Shop for O-rings Online.

YouTube video on how to order O-Rings from our website: Order O-Rings On-line