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Viton FKM 75 Brown Cord

Cord stock is O-Ring material, ready to be cut to create custom size O-Rings. There is a large selection of cross-sections available, and can be cut to any length you need or in standard put up lengths. We supply O-Ring Cord stock either as Pre-Cut lengths, custom cut length or Vulcanized into custom O-Rings. Available in either metric or standard sizes, unless otherwise specified all our O-ring cord is manufactured in the U.S. to BS ISO 3302-1, Class E2 as standard.

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.250" (6.35mm) Brown Viton (FKM) 75d O-ring Cord BV75.250

.250" (6.35mm) Brown Viton (FKM) 75d O-ring Cord

O-Ring cord stock to make your own O-rings and gaskets Please note: Priced & sold per foot. If ordering more than one foot (of the same size),...