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O-ring and Gasket Cutters

Product Image Stock Item Name Model+ Price Each
Gasket and O-ring Cutter Knife Set 5

Gasket and O-ring Cutter Knife Set

Deluxe Gasket and O-ring Cutter Knife Set (aluminum handle) Features: Razor...
KKS $9.50


Pointed Knife Replacement Blades 1

Pointed Knife Replacement Blades

Deluxe Gasket and O-ring Cutter Pointed Replacement Blades Features: Razor...
KKS-1 $3.00


Wedged Knife Replacement Blades 2

Wedged Knife Replacement Blades

Deluxe Gasket and O-ring Cutter Wedged Shaped Replacement Blades Features:...
KKS-2 $3.75


Curved Knife Replacement Blades 2

Curved Knife Replacement Blades

Deluxe Gasket and O-ring Cutter Curved Shaped Replacement Blades Features:...
KKS-3 $3.75


Square Knife Replacement Blades 0

Square Knife Replacement Blades

Deluxe Gasket and O-ring Cutter Square Shaped Replacement Blades Features:...
KKS-4 $3.75


Razor Blades Single Edge 220

Razor Blades Single Edge

Razor Blades Single Edge Features: Steel-Backed High Carbon Steel Blade Fits...
RAZOR1 $0.20


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