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Unitized Pistons

The Hallite Type 720 is a ready to fit complete piston. The steel piston has a non-metallic bearing material moulded over the outer diameter using a special proprietary process. It is then finish machined to provide a tight tolerance with the bore of the tube and also for the installation of the chosen seal.

Originally designed and patented by Hallite Seals over 25 years ago, the Unitised Piston continues to establish and develop itself as a unique solution for our customers many and varied applications.

An accepted solution for Construction, Off Highway and Agricultural cylinders, the Unitised Piston provides the OEM customer with proven extended service life whilst significantly reducing manufacturing and assembly costs.

Produced today in a wide range of sizes, bearing and seal materials, Hallite's exclusive Unitized Piston is available off the shelf in numerous standard metric and inch sizes.

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