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Viton GFLT® O-Rings

Viton GFLT® O-Rings Low Temperature High Fluorine Fluorocarbon

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General Information:

  • Excellent fluid resistance.
  • Typically used in fuel blends containing MTBE, Methanol or Ethanol (Flex Fuel)
  • Improved low temperature flexibility
  • Excellent permeation resistance
  • Ford WSAM2D401A5, GM6269 Type I, UL Recognized 75 Durometer Black Fluorocarbon.


  • Fuel injectors
  • Quick connects
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel tank seals
  • Any seal application dealing with fuels, including synthetic fuels


  • Black in Color
  • 100% Virgin Materials
  • Approved by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Meets Specification ASTM M2HK710 A110 B37 EF31 F17 Z1= 75 +/-5 Shore A durometer Z1= Methanol resistance 24 hrs. @ 23'C, Volume Change 0 to 10%


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