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Metric O-Ring Info

Metric O-Ring Information



Metric O-Rings

The O-Ring Store LLC offers a large selection of Metric O-Ring sizes in various compounds. A “Metric O-Ring” simply means that the size of the o-ring is defined in millimeters. Generally, metrics are used when the size needed does not cross over to one of the standard AS568 sizes.

While we can supply any material/durometer/color of metric size o-rings, we carry an extensive selection of metric size o-rings in black Nitrile (Buna-N) 70 durometer and Viton (FKM) 75 durometer.

No matter if you are trying to size a metric or an inch oring you need to know two important numbers.

1) You need to know the ID or inside diameter

2) You need to know the CS or cross section sometimes known as the thickness

Metric O-Ring Part # System

Our part # system for metrics is as follows:

Metric O-Ring Part Number System