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O-Ring Sizing Cone


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18” O-Ring Measuring Cone

Way better than the Parker Cone we have been selling for years.

The step-style cone from The O-Ring Store is able to measure 184 of the most widely used ring sizes in five standard cross sections, ¼” through 5 5/8” I.D. (inside diameter). By slipping the O-Ring in to the proper slot at the bottom of the cone, you can determine the cross section. You can then determine the standard imperial size by sliding the O-Ring on to the proper step.

The O-Ring Measuring Cone measures the following sizes:

  • 011 through 050
  • 110 through 151
  • 220 through 255
  • 325 through 358
  • 425 through 455

This is a must have for any distributor or repair shop that sells O-Rings over the counter.


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