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-900 Series - Boss

50 Durometer, Commercial Grade Soft Buna-N O-Rings

Designed for applications requiring soft O-Ring sealing material. Primarily used as a low pressure static seal or gasket. Buna-N compound materials are "standard” for most O-Ring service. While they are not as strong as other Buna-N O-Rings, Soft Buna-N O-Rings require less force to make an effective seal and conform better to uneven surfaces. They are suitable for a broad range of fluids including oils, water, and mild chemicals.

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AS568-901 B50 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 50 Duro O-Ring B50901

AS568-901 B50 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 50 Duro O-Ring

Description - Nitrile Rubber - NBR - Buna-N On a cost basis, Buna-N, nitrile, or NBR, rubber is the least expensive of the oil resistant elastomers....

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