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1.1mm CS

Viton O-Rings 75 Durometer (Fluorocarbon, FKM):

A chemical resistant Viton® (Fluorocarbon Elastomer) compound rubber has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. VITON® is the trade name for DuPont-Dow Elastomers Fluorocarbon or FKM material. VITON® has a temperature range of -20F to +400F, and provides excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, weather and compression set requirements. The relatively high level of fluorine in VITON® materials allows for exceptional resistance to chemical attack, but with limited low temperature capabilities. Viton is quickly becoming the go to Oring in many applications.

Dimensions of Metric O-rings are defined by the cross section (CS) and the inside diameter (ID).

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1.1mm X 3.27mm V75 FKM (Viton, Fluorocarbon) 75 Duro O-Rings V1.10X003.27

1.1mm X 3.27mm V75 FKM (Viton, Fluorocarbon) 75 Duro O-Rings

Cross Section "CS" X Inside Diameter "ID" Chemical Resistant and High Heat Viton® O-Rings 75 Durometer: Fluorocarbons (FKM)...

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