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660 Rod Buffer Seals

The Hallite 660 is a buffer seal developed to work in conjunction with high performance rod seals. It is interchangeable with common PTFE buffer seal housings.

The seal which is manufactured in Hythane® 181, is designed to provide a valve action to prevent excessive pressure build up in the cavity between the buffer seal and the rod seal. A polyacetal anti-extrusion ring is fitted to provide maximum extrusion resistance against shock pressure loads.


  • T660 allow oils to reach the primary seal at low pressure preventing the primary seal from running dry.
  • It will self energize for maximum seal ability at high pressure or during shock load to protect the primary seal from it.
  • If there is ever a pressure trap, it will release the trapped pressure at the lowest level when compared to other buffers in the market.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long life.

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