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Specialty Products

Super Lube® SuperPull® Compound is an aqueous polymeric gel with PTFE. It is a translucent fluid compound that has an extremely low coefficient of friction, will not burn, and can be used in temperatures from -15°F to 220°F. It is compatible with LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, Neoprene and Polyurethane cable jacketing materials used in the manufacture of power, telephone and fiber optic cable.

Super Lube® Engine Treatment is a versatile formulation that combines the special low-friction qualities of Syncolon® (PTFE) in a synthetic oil base to bond with metal surfaces and fill microscopic pores, substantially reducing engine wear. Super Lube® Engine Treatment contains Syncolon® (PTFE) resins which attach to critical friction surfaces, especially cylinder walls and bearings. Super Lube® Engine Treatment protects your engine during cold starts when even the best motor oils are not effective. One treatment protects for more than 50,000 miles. It reduces engine wear and can be used in both diesel and gasoline engines.

Super Lube® Superkleen® Cleaner/Degreaser is a specially formulated, industrial, multi-purpose solution designed for cleaning and degreasing dirt, grease, grime and ink on virtually any surface. Super Lube® Superkleen® Cleaner/Degreaser works effortlessly. Use full strength or dilute as required.

Super Lube® Anti-Corrosion Gel is a specially formulated high molecular weight connector gel used as a dielectric compound and as a corrosion inhibitor. It is an effective dielectric compound and corrosion inhibitor for plugs and connectors, electrical terminals, electrical fittings, spark plugs and coil connectors. It is a superior oxidation barrier.
Note: Should not be used as a lubricant.

Super Lube® Silicone Heat Sink Compound is blended with thermally conductive, fine metal oxide powders. It will not harden, dry out or melt, and aids in the efficient transfer of heat away from electronics and electrical components.

Super Lube® Synthetic Cycle Lube is for use on motorcycles and bicycles in a convenient, easy to store and apply 6 oz. aerosol container. It cleans, penetrates and protects chains, shifters and brake cables by forming a protective grease barrier of water repelling lubricant. Non-Toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly, it is ideal for use in all weather and terrain conditions.

Super Lube® Grommet Lube is a rubber insertion lubricant that will assist in the attachment and insertion of rubber and soft plastic parts where there is a tight fit. Grommet Lube is an aqueous polymeric solution that is non-flammable, has a wide operating temperature range, low coefficient of friction, and dries clean offering superior temporary lubrication and will not leave any residue ensuring the part will function according to the original specification. It is compatible with most plastics and rubbers such as Buna, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, Butadiene, Butyl, Natural Rubber, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, Polyurethane, ABS, and Nylon.

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