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FAQ - O-ring Glue Cyanoacrylate

Our Turbo Fuse Cyanoacrylate Glue is a high performance, one part instant bonding glue that has been engineered in a variety of formulas to meet the most demanding applications and comes in variety of viscosities. It has an advanced formula that is designed to polymerize instantly by absorbing surface moisture.

Are All Cyanoacrylates brittle?

No, there is a group of Cyanoacrylates that are called “toughened”. This group is usually black, but also comes in Clear, and is rubber toughened. The rubber gives it some flexibility which is ideal for applications that are in an environment that might have minimal vibration or shock.

Can Cyanoacrylate come in colors?

Yes, Cyanoacrylate commonly comes in black which is rubber toughened. This would be an industrial application. For the consumer industry, particularly in the Finger Nail Industry, there are dyes that are compatible with the Cyanoacrylates. Vivid reds and pinks are the most common.

How do I prevent the bottle from clogging?

Palm Labs specially designed bottles have a pin built into the cap that prevents the bottle from clogging even over time. As the cap is tightened onto the bottle, the pin inserts into the nozzle keeping it clear.

What is the Shelf Life?

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Shelf Life: The production date of our products is coded on all of our containers. When cyanoacrylates are maintained in cool, dry location such as a refrigerator at a temperature of about 55°F prior to opening, the Shelf Life will be extended to a minimum of 15 months. Our recommendation is that if the product is to be used within six months of the production date, it is not necessary to refrigerate. Keep in mind that cyanoacrylates are a moisture sensitive product, and placing them in cool, then hot temperature will create condensation. After removing the products from the refrigerator it is best to let them sit until they reach room temperature. When cyanoacrylates are not refrigerated, the shelf life will be reduced to approximately a one-year period.

Shelf Life after the container has been opened: Our recommendation would be that after the container is opened that the product be used within thirty days. Once the container is open, to maintain the life of the product, the cyanoacrylate should not be refrigerated.

When would I want to use a Gel Cyanoacrylate?

Gel Cyanoacrylates are best when gap filling is needed. Gel can fill gaps up to 0.01” and is recommended for porous materials such as ceramic and wood.

What’s the difference between a MSDS and TDS?

The Material Safety Data Sheet is required by the Federal Government in the manufacture of Chemical Materials. The MSDS is a health hazard preventive and lists the material contents and precautions. In addition, the MSDS will give you disposure requirements.

The Technical Data Sheet gives you the parameters and physical properties of the product. In the case of Cyanoacrylates it will give you the viscosity, cure speed, dielectric strength, and temperature resistance.

If I get Cyanoacrylate on my fingers, how do I get it off?

There are several Cyanoacrylate removers on the market. The most commonly used is Acetone. Acetone is available in finger nail polish remover. The easiest method is plenty of soap and hot water. If it gets in your eyes, flush with plenty of water and call a Physician.

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