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AS568-924 E70 FDA/NSF EPDM O-Ring 70 Duro


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Tube Size OD: 1 1/2"

FDA/NSF Compliant EPDM O-Rings:

Frequently used with foods, water, steam applications, phosphate ester type hydraulic fluids, brake fluids and offer great resistance to ozone and weathering. Sulfur-Cured FDA/NSF Grade EPDM is the least costly and provides the best tear and abrasion resistance compared to Peroxide-Cured Systems. EPDM's are not used with petroleum oils or fuels because significant swelling would result.

Chemical Resistance and Uses:

  • Hot water and steam up to 300°F (149°C) with special compounds up to 400°F (204°C)
  • Various Water / Municipalities Applications
  • Household Appliances
  • Glycol based brake fluids up to 300°F (149°C)
  • Many organic and inorganic acid
  • Cleaning agents, soda and potassium alkalis
  • Phosphate-ester based hydraulic fluids (HFD-R)
  • Silicone Oil and Grease
  • Many polar solvents (alcohols, ketones, esters)
  • Ozone, aging and weather resistant
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Electrical Insulators
  • EPDM rubber is used in extreme cold environment applications

EPDM is not recommended for:

  • Mineral oil products (oils, greases and fuels)
  • Solvents
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Lubricating Oils, Petroleum Base
  • Gasoline

Compound Info:

  • Ethylene Propylene, EPDM, or EP (EP)
  • Color: Black
  • Duro: 70
  • FDA/NSF: Yes, Meets the FDA/NSF standard requirements for food-handling applications.
  • ASTM Callout: M4AA710 A13 B13 C12 EA14 F17 NSF 61/CFR 21, 177-2600, a-d
  • FDA/NSF CFR 177.2600
  • Designed to meet or exceed the properties of these popular EPDM Compounds:
    • E603-70, E300-70, E1028-70, 3077, E14, E17016, 5601-70 and 559N

Operating temperature: -65° to +300F° 

  • (max. 400°F (204°C) in water and/or steam)