Calculating O-Ring Cord Cut-Length

How to calculate O-Ring cord length needed: ( ( OD + ID ) / 2 ) x Pi = length Pi=3.14159 Inside Diameter (ID) = Outside Diameter (OD) - twice the cross section (C/S) ID = OD - (2 x C/S)

Vulcanized O-Rings vs. Spliced and Glued O-Rings.

Many customers associate vulcanized o-rings with what are commonly referred to as spliced o-rings. Spliced o-rings are created by cutting extruded o-ring cord stock to the desired length and bonding the two ends together with a cyanoacrylate adhesive. While spliced o-rings can provide a successful seal in a pinch, they do not have the same quality, durability, temperature range, and dimensional tolerances as our vulcanized O-Rings. Vulcanized o-rings are made using uncured rubber compound that is mixed with adhesive to create a strong bond


O-Ring Cord


Buy O-Ring cord and make your own O-Rings using a cyanoacrylate adhesive.


Standard O-Rings


We make your custom vulcanized O-Rings. Pick your material, cross-section, and inside diameter.

Custom O-Rings

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