Continuously Molded O-Rings

Continuously Molded O-Rings for Large Sealing Applications at the Highest Quality Level

Are you needing a molded O-Ring that is greater than 200mm inside diameter? You need it in a week? Just give us a call or email us a price request and we will take care of you. We make getting o-rings easy!! 

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Large O-Rings have historically either been produced as extruded and Vulcanized O-Rings, or as custom O-Rings molded within a serpentine tool. O-Rings made from O-Ring Cord stock have a weak spot at their splice point, and serpentine mold produced O-rings have expensive tooling, and produce mixed performance results. The Continuously Molded O-Rings manufactured for The O-Ring Store LLC are recommended for use in any large diameter O-Ring groove where vulcanized or serpentine o-rings would present reliability issues.

Typical applications are large chambers, vessels, lids, doors, containers, vacuum, high-pressure and specialty semi-dynamic applications.  These O-Rings feature consistent properties throughout the diameter of the ring, and reduced potential for contamination through a spliced joint.

These are the advantages of our production system:

  • No Internal Diameter dimensional limits (200mm min.)
  • No molding costs
  • No minimum quantity for purchase order
  • Mechanical performances comparable to traditional system made O-Rings (compression and injection molding)
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast deliveries - manufactured and shiped is as quick as 7-10 days
  • O-Rings customization  

*Min 200mm ID and 2.62mm cross section

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