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Continuously Molded O-Rings

Continuously Molded O-Rings for Large Sealing Applications at the Highest Quality Level

Are you needing a molded O-Ring that is greater than 200mm inside diameter? You need it in a week? Just give us a call or email us a price request and we will take care of you. We make getting o-rings easy!! 

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Large O-Rings have historically either been produced as extruded and Vulcanized O-Rings, or as custom O-Rings molded within a serpentine tool. O-Rings made from O-Ring Cord stock have a weak spot at their splice point, and serpentine mold produced O-rings have expensive tooling, and produce mixed performance results. The Continuously Molded O-Rings manufactured for The O-Ring Store LLC are recommended for use in any large diameter O-Ring groove where vulcanized or serpentine o-rings would present reliability issues.

Typical applications are large chambers, vessels, lids, doors, containers, vacuum, high-pressure and specialty semi-dynamic applications.  These O-Rings feature consistent properties throughout the diameter of the ring, and reduced potential for contamination through a spliced joint.

These are the advantages of our production system:

  • No Internal Diameter dimensional limits (200mm min.)
  • No molding costs
  • No minimum quantity for purchase order
  • Mechanical performances comparable to traditional system made O-Rings (compression and injection molding)
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast deliveries - manufactured and shiped is as quick as 7-10 days
  • O-Rings customization  

*Min 200mm ID and 2.62mm cross section

O-Rings and Seals are very important to us and as part of our effort to "Make getting o-rings easy!, we have improved serveral areas of our business for 2020 and beyond. We needed more space for our expanding inventory so we added and additional 5,000 square foot warehouse space. We added several key people, Gary in our sales department, Savanna and Macey to our warehouse crew, Julian in our kit department and Steven to assist in the O-Ring Vulcanizing department. ISO Certification is underway and Melissa should have it completed early in 2020. Shipping department is reducing costs and increasing service by adding a defualt 2-Day Air Shipping Service for as low as $6.99. We make getting o-rings easy!

As a family-owned business we enter our 13th year of business in 2020 with great excitement. We have added additional inventory, product offering and great new staff members that not only make it easier to get o-rings, but for us it makes it great to come to work. Our plan is to continue adding new product and services to enhance our current offerings. Adding The O-Ring Store LLC as your O-Ring and seal supplier will improve your ability to repair or build your products and service. We know how hard it is just to get the product you need, by having a shop account and registering you will receive the appropriate business discounts, permanent cart, address book, and order history.

A sincere "Thank You" from my family and my work family, Marty C Frostad, GM and Owner.