Hydraulic Boss O-Rings

Hydraulic Boss O-Rings for use with Hydraulic tube fittings.

There is 20 standard sizes for O-rings used to seal straight-thread tube fittings on a boss. A boss Tube fitting with boss seal is cylindrical projection on a casting or forging. The end of that projection is machined to provide a flat, smooth surface for sealing. Straight threads used with an O-ring provide a better seal than tapered threads used alone. Although made in a variety of o-ring compounds the most common Boss O-rings are Buna-N in 90 Durometer.

The 900 series of dash numbers identifies the 20 sizes of boss seals. Except for size -901, the digits after the 9 identify the nominal tube size in 16ths of an inch. The tube size is its outside diameter (OD). For example, size -903 is intended for use with 3/16-inch tube. The one exception, size -901, is intended for use with 3/32-inch tube. 1/16-inch tube is not common in aircraft use.

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