T-seals are designed to retrofit O-rings, either in static or for their intended use in reciprocating applications. T-seals construction consists of a basic T shaped elastomer, usually flanked by two specially fitted back-up rings. Since T-seals are designed to retrofit O-ring grooves, they are available in different widths depending on the type of O-ring, or O-ring/back-up combination they are replacing. One of the main advantages of the T-seal is that the T base construction is highly resistant to spiraling during installation and operation.

  • Features: Low Compression Set Elastomer, Rigid Back-ups, Square/Rectangular shape
  • T-seal Elastomer: Nitrile ---- Back Ups: Nylon
  • Max Pressure: 5,000 psi
  • Temperature range: -35°F to +265°F
  • Max Velocity: 0.4 ft/sec
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