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Low Odor Low Bloom

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive: Turbo Fuse Low Odor / Low Bloom cyanoacrylate adhesive is designed to be used where there is sensitivity to odor in the work place and lack of ventilation, or on surfaces that require no cosmetic residue. Low Bloom cyanoacrylate adhesive has been engineered to reduce any chlorosis (frosting) that may occur from any fumes that may be released from the adhesive. Turbo Fuse Low Odor advanced cyanoacrylate adhesive formula is designed to polymerize instantly by absorbing surface moisture. The fast curing qualities make this cyanoacrylate adhesive especially desirable in high speed industrial production. Turbo Fuse cyanoacrylate adhesive is ideal for use in applications that require good "wicking" characteristics and/or in close fitting applications.

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