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Aerosol Spray Lube

Synthetic Aerosol Sprays

A Super Lube® aerosol enables one to place Super Lube® where it is needed, when it is needed, often without time-wasting disassembly and re-assembly procedures. At-hand in the work place, the Super Lube® aerosol results in better on-going equipment maintenance than the “maintenance frequency schedule”, which may or may not be followed conscientiously.

Application of Super Lube® with aerosols is labor efficient. A staggering 90% of every dollar spent on industrial maintenance is spent on labor.

Since super Lube® will not drip or run, the pin point accuracy with which the aerosol puts lubricant exactly where it is required reduces the tendency to “over lubricate”.

The Super Lube® aerosol can be described as a tool that is convenient and efficient, and ultimately extremely economical.

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