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The Aerospace industry's need for safety, performance and innovation when it comes to dependable seals is what has made Freudenberg Sealing Technologies one of the most reliable sources in the world. Due to economic growth, air passenger traffic is expected to grow considerably. With aviation fuel cost rising, the need for a more fuel efficient aircraft with reduced sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions is in demand. The continuous quest for faster, safer, more efficient air travel demands ongoing innovation. The industry continues to strive for improved performance and environmental impact, operational efficiency, and reductions in weight and cost. Aircraft are being designed to fly higher in the atmosphere at colder temperatures, and aircraft engines will operate with leaner and environmentally friendly fuel mixes at higher temperatures.


The O-Ring Store LLC and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies brings a broad product range and a global support network of experts, all designed to be your single-source provider, both for product and service. We drive innovation with research, development and production teams integrated across our global operations to meet the demands of worldwide and local markets.

Fuel efficiency

Transform your needs for reduced fuel consumption with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies product and material innovations. Our lower weight and lower friction seals increase life cycle of your application while improving fuel efficiency.

Extreme Temperature

From the Sahara desert to the Artic South, we have you covered. With the use of low temperature materials to fire resistant products our seals can withstand -54 °C to 1100 °C (-65 °F to 2000 °F).


Exceed your local safety standards by choosing Freudenberg Sealing Technologies for your next project. We use the most advanced testing to provide peace of mind to our customers. Our uniquely developed materials and advanced testing capabilities assures much needed reliability and safety in aerospace applications.


Whether you need a custom-engineered solution or standard parts, you want to know the seals you order will meet your exact specifications. Our AS9100 / EN9100 and Nadcap certified manufacturing facilities meet the highest industry certifications demanded by airframers, engine companies and tier component manufacturers.

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