Water Treatment, Wastewater and Filtration

Water Treatment, Wastewater and FiltrationO-Rings for Water

The O-Ring Store LLC serves customers across the entire spectrum of companies and industries that transport or process water. From semiconductor manufacturing to industrial cooling systems, from municipal wastewater treatment facilities to high purity filtration equipment, from power plants to mobile recycling units – the sealing requirements associated with treating and efficiently moving water and other fluids is what The O-Ring Store LLC focuses on.

Most industries treat and purify water that they use at the front end their manufacturing processes and also treat their process water at the back end, recycling or preparing the effluent for discharge. Water treatment and filtration can involve small precise quantities in lab instrumentation as well as large-scale industrial and municipal facilities. Large or small, standard or specialty, Rocket Seals inventories the parts in the sizes, profiles and materials you need.

If it involves a liquid, it needs seals, and The O-Ring Store LLC is your one source. We have numerous customers who depend on The O-Ring Store LLC to either have the parts on the shelf ready for same-day shipping, or through our extensive global network of factories, source or have custom manufactured parts to meet your exact design requirements.

At The O-Ring Store LLC, our commitment to the highest standard of customer services includes technical support to assist you in selecting the seal that will optimally meet your application requirements.

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