Medical Equipment O-Rings

Medical devices require O-Rings and rubber seals manufactured in cleanrooms to meet USP VI standards for patient safety, to comply with traceability standards and to perform as intended for the full lifecycle of the device.

We provide high quality O-Rings and seals for a wide variety of medical necessities such as stethoscopes, syringes, connectors and drug delivery devices. Our products exceed the medical industry’s demands for excellent quality, shortened lead time, exceptional value and customer experience. Download the medical line card here.

Water or dust ingress protection and semi-conductor vacuum applications present in consumer electronics demand sealing solutions and O-Rings that are manufactured in the cleanest environments. We offer a variety of cleanroom manufacturing environments ranging from Class 100 to Class 100K. Particulate and contaminant-free O-Rings are available in a wide variety of compounds, including clear or white for enhanced purity, electrical resistance for UL compliance, measured conductivity and special measures to lower outgassing.

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