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OSK™ Paintball O-Ring Kit 450 Piece General Purpose O-Ring Kit


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  • Model: K450X18-PBGP
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General Purpose Paintball 450 Piece O-Ring Kit w/Case

This kit supplies you with 450 of the most common o rings used in paintball gun. Made special for Tippmann, BT, Spyder, VL, JT and similar paintball guns.

This kit includes the following 450 O-Rings in 17 different sizes:

  • 25pc -006
  • 25pc -009
  • 25pc -010
  • 50pc -011
  • 25pc -012
  • 25pc -013
  • 25pc -014
  • 75pc -015 Bolt
  • 20c -016
  • 20pc -017
  • 20pc -018
  • 20pc -019
  • 15pc -111
  • 10pc -117
  • 20pc -019 B90
  • 10pc -117 B90
  • 40pc -015B90 Tank

Buna-N O-Rings 70/90 Duro (NBR):

The most commonly used elastomer for sealing products. Nitrile, also known as Buna-N or NBR, is a copolymer of Butadiene and Acrylonitirle. It has a temperature range of -40F to +250F and is exceptionally resistant to petroleum base oils and hydrocarbon fuels. Nitrile materials also exhibit excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance properties. The material performs well with most dilute acids, silicone oils and lubricants and in water applications. It is not recommended for use with ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and phosphate ester hydraulic fluids. More than 50% of the O-Rings sold are Nitrile O-Rings, commonly used in hydraulic/pneumatic motors, cylinders, pumps and valves.

High Performance Seal Replacements for the OEM O-Rings

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