ST218S Solid PTFE Back-Up Ring


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  • Model: ST218S
    Dimensions: Fits O-Ring Size -218
    0.118" W X 1.266"ID X 0.05"HT
    2.998mm W X 32.157mm ID X 1.27mm HT
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AS568-218 (0.118" W X 1.266"ID X 0.05"HT)

PTFE Back-up Rings are designed to prevent extrusion in rubber O-ring sealing systems. The amount of this extrusion is affected by O-ring hardness, operating temperature, operating pressure and clearance of the mating surface.

Increased Pressure: The use of Back-up Rings should be considered for systems with operating pressure above 2000 PSI. At these pressures the mechanical forces applied to the O-Ring may cause extrusion of the O-ring into the clearance gap.

Operating temperature: The use of Back-up Rings should be considered for elevated temperatures greater than 160°F (71C). The physical and mechanical properties of O-rings may be affected at these temperatures, this increasing the risk of extrusion into the clearance gap.

Industrial Trends: Today's fluid power systems continue to move towards higher pressures and temperatures. PTFE Back-up Rings should be considered as a reliable component to achieve satisfactory system performance

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