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AS568-320 E80 EPDM E454 NAS1613 O-Ring 80 Duro


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  • Model: E80320-E454
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  • 1-1/8"ID X 1-1/2"OD X 3/16"CS
  • Actual: 1.100"ID X 0.210"CS
  • Metric: 27.94mm ID X 5.33mm CS

Simrit's E454 EPDM (ethylene-propylene rubber) 80 Duro Black O-Rings

Simrit's E454 EPDM compound was recently certified to National Aerospace Standard 1613 Revision 5 Specification. The certification, which establishes the requirements for elastomer seal elements used in hydraulic systems using phosphate ester fluids, applies to all commercially available phosphate ester hydraulic fluids.

Simrit's E454 black compound is intended for NAS-1611-XXXA and NAS-1612-YYA (A-code) series O-rings. The E454 compound is used in commercial aircraft hydraulic flight control units (primary and secondary), power units and pumps, and aircraft braking systems. NAS1613 Rev. 5 (NAS1611-XXXA and NAS1612-XXXA), NF L 17-241 41B8; Boeing approved, low density phosphate ester hydraulic systems.