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AS568-225 Simriz 485 Broad Chemical Resistance (FFKM) O-Ring


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  • Model: FFKM-225-SZ485
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  • 1-7/8"ID X 2-1/8"OD X 1/8"CS
  • Actual: 1.859"ID X 0.139"CS
  • Metric: 47.22mm ID X 3.53mm CS

SZ485 is a 75-durometer, black, low-compression set, high-strength perfluoroelastomer. The operating temperature range is from -10°C to 230°C (-14°F to 446°F). Typical application environments are aggressive acids, bases, solvents, and steam. SZ485 is also suited for many non-oxidizing dry process chemistries. SZ485 can be used in place of Kalrez® compound 6375 when temperature are bellow 230°C.

Designed for thermal stability and nearly universal protection against chemical attack, Freudenberg’s proprietary family of Simriz® perfuoroelastomer compounds offer premier sealing performance. Simriz® compounds approach PTFE chemical resistance and have excellent plasma resistance for dry processing.

Simriz® Perfluoroelastomer compounds provide cost-effective, reliable sealing in a wide range of applications including; automotive, chemical processing, petroleum refining, semiconductor, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, food and drug processing, and etc.

  • Simriz® Perfluoroelastomers demonstrate a wide range of temperature stability
  • Fully fluorinated monomers in Simriz® compounds provide superior protection against chemical attack
  • Simriz® possesses the resilience of an elastomer with chemical resistance approaching that of PTFE
  • Simriz® O-rings and molded shapes are available in many different Simriz® compounds