AS568-325 Simriz 486 White Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) O-Ring

Simriz 486 White Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical 75 Duro O-Rings

Simriz 486 White are specifically developed to be a cost-effective, USP Class VI compliant, high-performance compound for semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications.

Simriz 486 exhibits excellent plasma resistance and low particulation in a wide range of plasma environments.
Recommended applications: CVD, APCVD, HPCVD, PCVDE, RPCVD, SACVD, plasma etching (oxide and metal), ashing, metalization (PVD, evaporation, sputtering), and ion implant.

Simrit offers Simriz seals with significant advantages for the process industries. Simriz 486 provides excellent chemical and temperature resistance in a variety of pharmaceutical applications. Simriz 486 is USP Class VI compliant.

Temperature Range: (–7° to +230°C) +25° to 446°F


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  • Model: FFKM-325-SZ486
    Dimensions: 1-1/2"ID X 1-7/8"OD X 3/16"CS
    Actual: 1.475"ID X 0.210"CS
    Metric: 37.47mm ID X 5.33mm CS
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