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3mm X 75mm Metric Urethane 70 O-ring


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Metric Urethane O-rings - Polyurethane EU  

Although with today's manufacturing they are very close in composition, one must differentiate between polyester urethane (AU) and polyether urethane (EU). EU urethanes are better with applications containing water and AU type urethanes exhibit better resistance to hydraulic fluids. Polyurethane elastomers, as a class, have excellent wear resistance, high tensile strength and high elasticity in comparison with any other elastomers. Permeability is good and comparable with butyl rubber.

Chemical Resistance:

  • Pure aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, fuel)
  • Mineral oil and grease
  • Silicone oil and grease
  • Water up to 125°F (50°C) (EU type)
  • Ozone and aging resistant.

Not compatible with:

  • Ketones, esters, ethers, alcohols, glycols
  • Hot water, steam, alkalis, amines, acids.

Operating temperature: -40° to +180F° ( -40° to +82C°)