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Hayward Super II Pump Series SP-3000 & SP-3000X Go Kit


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  • Model: KIT-002
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Pump Repair and Service Kits for Pool Equipment

Hayward Super II Pump-Series 3000-3000X

Parts Included:

  • O-2618 Diffuser O-ring/Gasket 1
  • O-2247 Pump Lid O-ring 1
  • O-1217 Housing O-ring/Gasket 1
  • MS-201 Pump Seal 1

Parts Cross:

  • Aladdin GOKIT02
  • SSC R-6102
  • Hydrovalve N/A

All pool o-rings are made from Buna unless other wise stated. If you are running a chlorine system and can not locate the FKM o-ring that you need please contact us to make sure one is available.

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