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OSK O-Ring for 25476-0 Baker Hydro Old Spa Pak Pump Gasket


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  • Model: 25476-0
  • 707 in Stock

Replacement Pool O-rings

This a replacement O-ring also used for the following part numbers:

  • Baker Hhydro (Waterco) 254760 Old Style Spa Pak Pump Gasket
  • Hayward® (Arneson & Comfortzone) DEX360M DE 7200 Filter Small Radius Connector O-Ring
  • Marlow NS Mardur® 1 ½ - 2 HP Diffuser O-Ring
  • Purex/Pac Fab/Pentair®(Eastside/Hydrotech) P-24125/07-1432 2” Valve Cap O-Ring
  • Aladdin O-255
  • SSC O-2155

High Performance Seal Replacements for the OEM O-Ring

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