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U187-0.875-250B High Performance Polyurethane U-Cup


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  • Model: U187-0.875-250B
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  • 7/8"ID X 1-1/4"OD X 3/16"CS X 1/4"HT

7/8"ID X 1-1/4"OD X 3/16"CS X 1/4"HT

Style HU Symmetrical Urethane U-Seals

Common Market Identifier: MUU, HU, DSU, 005 series, US , 601

High Performance Polyurethane U-Cup Seal 

The most common U-Cup seal in use today. It's ability to used in almost every application makes the HU style the industry work horse. The unloaded urethane U-cup design provides an excellent heavy-duty seal for both piston or rod applications and works well in static and dynamic applications. 

The sealing lips are accurately machined trimmed to ensure good low pressure sealing while the material resists extrusion at high pressures.


  • Flexible for easy installation
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Positive lip actuation
  • Machine trimmed precision sealing lips
  • Universal Rod or Piston Applications
  • Wide range of size

Seal Materials:

High Performance Polyurethane

Operating conditions:

Maximum Speed: 3.0 ft/sec (1.0 m/sec)
Temperature Range: -50°F +230°F (-45°C +110°C)
Maximum Pressure: 6,000 p.s.i. (400bar)