HRU06-0.36-06 Buna-N 70 Pruva U-Cup


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  • Model: HRU06-0.36-06
    Dimensions: 3/8"ID X 1/2"OD X 1/16"CS
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U-cup Size: 3/8"ID X 1/2"OD X 1/16"CS - Replacement for -012 O-Ring

Symmetrical Seals - 8400 Series - HRU - 666 Pruva

HRU and 8400 Series u-cups are symmetrical lip seals for use in either rod or piston sealing applications. The thin, flexible lip design reacts to low pressure and provides an extremely smooth, steady movement with less break away force required because of the inherent low friction. The HRU - 8400 style utilizes a beveled lip, ideal for wiping fluid film. Style HRU - 8400 u-seals are precision molded from 80 Durometer Buna-N rubber or Fluorocarbon FKM - FKM. While the HRU - 8400 U-cups are primarily designed for pneumatic applications, they can also be used in low to medium pressure hydraulic applications. The pressure range of the u-cups may be extended by incorporating an back-up ring.

Description - Nitrile Rubber - NBR - Buna-N

On a cost basis, Buna-N, nitrile, or NBR, rubber is the least expensive of the oil resistant elastomers. As a result, nitrile is one of the most widely used rubber materials due to its combination of low cost, resistance to many chemicals, and good physical properties. The acrylonitrile content of this highly polar elastomer provides excellent oil and gas permeation resistance which increases as the level of ACN increases. Nitrile should not be exposed to direct sunlight or moderate to high levels of atmospheric ozone, as rapid deterioration will result. However, NBR will accept many antidegradants, most notably PVC, which offer some degree of improvement of these properties. Nitriles are usually sulfur cured, but peroxide curing is also possible, resulting in improved compression set.

Recommended for -40° to +250°F temperature. 1250 PSI to 2000 PSI pressure range.

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    • Parker: 41808402
    • Hercules: HRU06
    • Precicion Associates: 666
    • Martin Fluid: BV
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