HRU12-0.43-12 Huva U-Cup EPDM 70 Black


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  • Model: HRU12-0.43-12-EPDM
    Dimensions: 1/8" CS X 7/16" ID X 11/16" OD
    .125" CS X .437" ID X .687" OD
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 1/8" C/S X 7/16" ID X 11/16" OD U-Cup

Homogenous U-cups (block vees) are a non-loaded, single material U-cup. The HRU seal is popular in low pressure applications where a low friction seal would be beneficial. The seal is most commonly used in pneumatic applications as a rod or piston seal. The design is suited for situations where space is limited or as an O-Ring replacement.

As pressure is applied to the homogenous U-cup the seal experiences an increase in sealing force until it reaches the maximum pressure the seal can handle. Homogeneous U-cup seals can handle up to 500 PSI

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