HRU18-2.87-18 Homogeneous U-Seals


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2-7/8" ID X 3-1/4" OD X 3/16" HT

Homogenous U-cups (block vees) are a non-loaded, single material U-cup. The HRU seal is popular in low pressure applications where a low friction seal would be beneficial. The seal is most commonly used in pneumatic applications as a rod or piston seal. The design is suited for situations where space is limited or as an O-Ring replacement. The HRU seal is typically made from an 80 durometer Nitrile but also comes in Fluorocarbon FKM, Neoprene and other homogenous materials.

As pressure is applied to the homogenous U-cup the seal experiences an increase in sealing force until it reaches the maximum pressure the seal can handle. Homogeneous U-cup seals can handle up to 500 PSI

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