RTUB187-1.500-250B Rod Twin Lip U-Cups Loaded


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1-1/2" ID X 1-7/8" OD X 1/4" HT

High Performance Loaded Twin Lip Rod U-Cups w/ Anti-Extrusion Ring

Loaded U-cup utilizing a polyurethane shell energized by a high specification resilient energiser .

At zero or low pressure, the energiser helps to increase the sealing force preventing any bypass. As pressure rises the sealing force increases and the unique profiled NBR energiser to ensure complete lip actuation under all pressure conditions and to cushion the seal against shock loadings.


  • Easy installation
  • Improved shock handling
  • Twin-lip design offering
  • Lower friction
  • Primary lip protection
  • Increased seal stability
  • Complete lip actuation
  • Polyacetal anti-extrusion ring

Seal Materials:

Polyurethane Body - Buna-N O-Ring Energizer - Polyacetal anti-extrusion ring

Operating conditions:

Max Pressure: 10,000 Psi (700Bar)
Temp Range: -50°F - +230°F (-45°C - +110°C)
Max Speed: 3 ft/sec (1.0m/sec)

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