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RTU125-1.250-187B Rod Twin Lip U-Cup


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  • Model: RTU125-1.250-187B
  • -10 in Stock
  • 1.25"ID X 1.5"OD X 0.187"HT
  • 605-4359600

1-1/4" ID X 1-1/2" OD X 3/16" HT

Rod Twin Lip U-Seal - Asymmetrical Rod Seal U-Cup

Rod Twin Lip Seal U-Cup is an asymmetrical design cup seal for use in hydraulic applications. The RTU twin lip seal design offers increased seal stability  and  superior  sealing  ability. Our industry standard Rod Twin Lip U-Cup is an asymmetric seal offering superlative dry rod sealing for light and medium duty applications. Produced  from a High Performance Urethane compound, the twin lip rod seal offers extremely low compression set and excellent extrusion resistance.

Twin Lip Rod Seal U-Cup  Features:

  • Twin lip design
  • Lower friction
  • Improved sealing
  • Primary lip protection
  • Increased seal stability
  • Easy installation

Seal Materials:

  • High Performance Polyurethane

 Operating conditions:

  • Maximum Speed: 3.0 ft/sec (1.0m/sec)
  • Temperature Range: -50°F +230°F ( -45°C +110°C )
  • Maximum Pressure: 6,000 p.s.i. (400bar)