OSK O-Ring for OV-11-112 Advance Chlorinator Pool O-Ring Fluorocarbon FKM


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  • Model: OV-11-112
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Replacement Fluorocarbon FKM® Pool O-Rings

This a replacement O-ring also used for the following part numbers:

  • Advance OV-11-112 Chlorinator FKM O-ring
  • E-Z Chlor 918 Flowmeter FKM O-ring
  • Fischer 101W710U01 Chlorinator FKM O-ring
  • Wallace 26345 Chlorinator FKM O-ring
  • Aladdin O-039V O-39V
  • SSC O-2519

High Performance Seal Replacements for the OEM O-Ring

*All manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are used for reference purposes only.  The O-Ring Store LLC or The Tool Repair Shop are not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand listed. OSK™ Seals and Kits are assembled with high performance seals and parts.

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