Extreme Grade OSK™ 248131 O-Ring for use with Graco® Fusion®


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SM Air Cap O-Ring - Our Extreme Grade Replacement for Use With Graco® Fusion® AP®

Benefits of The Extreme Grade:

  • No need to remove O-Rings during maintenance and cleaning.
  • O-Rings will last longer during and after contact with solvents.
  • CV75 Extreme Chemical Resistant Fluorocarbon FKM O-Rings Black provides superior processing and end-use performance, while offering excellent fluid resistance in harsh chemical environments.
  • Excellent resistance to acid, hydrocarbon and low molecular weight esters, ketones and aldehydes
  • Inherent resistance to base attack and low volume change in highly caustic solutions, amines and hot water
  • Low-temperature flexibility (Tg –10°C)
  • Improved compression set and physical properties for improved seal performance
  • Improved mold flow, faster cure rates, and improvements in mold release and mold fouling for efficient manufacturing

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