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Vulcanized O-Rings

Vulcanized O-Rings - Custom O-Rings any Dimension

Vulcanization is a heating and molecular bonding process—profile ends are fused together using heat, rubber adhesive, pressure, and time to chemically bond the joint, creating a continuous seal. Vulcanization causes the polymer chains in rubber to become crosslinked. The polymer chains can no longer move independently, which allows the material to stretch under stress and return to original form when the pressure is released. This results in a stronger, more stable seal suitable for a wider range of applications.

Vulcanized o-rings are a great solution when standard o-rings are not manufactured or available. The O-Ring Store crafts one of the industry's best vulcanized rubber o-rings in English & Metric standard materials in a variety of cross sections. Spliced and Vulcanized O-Rings from 5" ID to 48" ID and 125mm to 1219mm are produced to Class 2  +0.8% tolerances and are always visually inspected, 48" and up are produced with Class 3 +1.20% tolerances. Larger inside diameters available, request a quote or call our sales department at 208-413-6377.

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