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There's a saying that the biggest heroes are those who do their jobs quietly, without asking for any recognition, yet their absence would send our world into chaos. This is particularly true for O-Rings. These little circular devices, often overlooked, play a critical role in everyday life, aiding the functionality of everything from household appliances to automotive parts, from medical devices to aeronautical equipment. At The O-Ring Store LLC, we understand the monumental responsibility that rests on these small components, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring their quality and versatility are second to none.

Our journey has been a veritable David and Goliath story. From a humble beginning in 2007, as a small O-Ring specialty shop selling a few hundred dollars a month and $125 to our name, we painstakingly persevered, weathered the storms of growing pains, and transformed ourselves into a multi-million dollar per year company with 17 very good people standing together. Our resilience stemmed not just from our passion to deliver quality O-Rings, but also from our unwavering commitment to overcoming hurdles thrown at us. With each challenge faced, we refined our business model, embraced innovative approaches, and evolved into the industry powerhouse we are today.

But our Goliaths is not the only giants we need to confront. We understand that our processes needs to be as strong and durable as our O-Rings and we are. Pursuing ISO Certification was not just a desire, it is a necessity. Adherence to the ISO standard is allowing us to streamline our processes, increase efficiency, and ensure consistent quality of our O-Rings. Through this certification, we underscore our commitment to each other and our clientele, ensuring they can trust our products to be their reliable seals in any situation. At The O-Ring Store LLC, we don't just provide O-Rings, we provide peace of mind - and that’s our circle of success.

       Now for the rest of the stuff - Just a little bragging, 

Welcome to The O-Ring Store LLC, where we're all about “we make getting O-Rings easy!” With millions of AS568 O-Rings, Metric O-Rings, and Hydraulic Seals available online, we're here to provide you with the best selection and service in the industry.

Located at 1847 Wilma Dr, Clarkston, Washington 99403, The O-Ring Store LLC is your go-to source for O-Rings. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive inventory of compounds and durometers in standard AS-568, JIS, and ISO 3601 O-Ring sizes. Plus, to cater to your specific requirements, we have strategic O-Ring factories across the USA and globally, enabling us to provide any size you need in both large and small quantities.

So, why choose O-Rings from The O-Ring Store LLC? It's simple: it's what we do, and we do it for you, our valued customers. Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Over 60 Million O-Rings and seals In Stock: All available online for same-day shipping, ensuring you get what you need when you need it.

  2. Custom Size or Specialty Materials: We offer custom size O-Rings, Square Rings, and X-Rings in almost every material, providing you with flexibility and options.

  3. Online Customer Service: Reach out to our team of Customer Service professionals through email, live chat or phone for quick and convenient support.

  4. Dedicated Account Representatives: Whether you're a B2B, OEM, MRO, or wholesale customer, our experienced account representatives are here to take care of you and meet your specific needs.

  5. O-Ring Certification of Conformance: We provide O-Ring Certification of Conformance upon request, giving you peace of mind about the quality and specifications of our products.

  6. Olypsys® Technologies Distributor: The O-Ring Store LLC is proud to introduce Olypsys®, the revolutionary cell phone app that is transforming the way O-Rings are measured. With Olypsys®, gone are the days of relying on manual measurement tools and complicated calculations. This advanced application combines cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, computer vision techniques, and artificial intelligence to provide accurate and effortless measurements within seconds.

  7. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Distributor: As an authorized distributor of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, we bring you their high-quality sealing solutions.

  8. OSK™ O-Ring Service Kits: Our OSK™ O-Ring Service Kits are designed to bring ease and selection to your repair kits and assortments.

  9. Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings: When standard O-Rings don't fit the bill, our custom Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings come to the rescue. We can create custom O-Rings of any dimension from 5" ID and up, shipping in required lead time.

  10. Custom Labeled and Packaged Products: Introducing a game-changing service that sets us apart from traditional O-Ring distributors: Custom Labeled and Packaged O-Rings. Our vision system counter and custom bagging equipment ensure precision packaging, with each bag neatly labeled for quick identification and streamlined inventory management. With strict quality assurance measures in place, including accurate counting and sorting, our custom-labeled and packaged O-Rings provide convenience, reliability, and durability. Showcase any brand with personalized labels, reinforcing identity and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

  11. Warehouses and Expansion: To ensure we meet your needs efficiently, our expanded warehouse now spans 13,000 square feet. It's easily accessible, packed with O-Rings and seals, and ready to serve you.

  12. Future Plans: We're constantly growing to better serve you. Our upcoming project includes a 4,000 square foot warehouse expansion in the near future, along with another 13,000 square foot building in the Port of Wilma. These facilities will house our office, warehouse, and manufacturing areas for custom molded products, custom O-rings, and rebuild kits.

To serve you better, we invite you to register on our website or set up a shop account. This will enable us to supply you with your sealing and repair kit needs seamlessly. We entered our 16th year in 2023 with more experience and great excitement. We've expanded our inventory, added new product offerings, and welcomed exceptional staff members who not only make it easier for you to get O-rings but also make our work truly enjoyable.

Our plan is to continue enhancing our offerings by adding new products and services that meet your evolving needs. By choosing The O-Ring Store LLC as your O-Ring and seal supplier, you'll experience improved product availability, expert guidance, and exceptional service. We understand the challenges of finding the right product, and with a shop account and registration, you'll enjoy benefits such as business discounts, a permanent cart, an address book, and order history.

Our commitment is to be the best supplier of O-Rings, Seals, and O-Ring Kits by accomplishing several small goals:

  1. Giving you access to online pricing for live O-Ring inventory, making it easier to find what you need.

  2. Being a part of each other's success, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

  3. Providing transparent order information and shipment data, so you're always informed.

  4. Offering the industry's best customer service, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

  5. Building an OSK™ O-Ring repair kit for every piece of equipment, facilitating your maintenance and repair processes.

  6. Increasing our product offering and inventory based on your requirements, tailoring our selection to your needs.

  7. Assisting you in finding the right O-Rings or seals for your project, leveraging our expertise to help you make informed choices.

  8. Gian certifications to meet the most demanding OEM material specifications, ensuring our products meet your specific requirements.

  9. Supplying quality products at the right price, giving you value for your investment.

  10. Delivering every product as quickly and economically as possible, minimizing downtime and cost.

  11. Adding something new every single day, staying innovative and responsive to market needs.

  12. Offering an OEM Startup Assistance Program to support your business growth and success.

  13. Treating every customer with care and respect, providing personalized attention and support throughout your journey with us.

At The O-Ring Store LLC, we also specialize in Vulcanized O-Rings. These custom O-Rings, available online, are a reliable solution when standard O-rings won't suffice. Whether it's a custom design or a unique size not found on standard charts, our Vulcanized O-Rings (or Spliced O-Rings) come to the rescue. We excel in fabricating special-sized O-Rings in-house, ensuring fast delivery within 2-3 days. Our vulcanizing department can manufacture non-standard sizes ranging from 6" to 36" ID, with additional lead times for any Inside Diameter you require.

We want to express our gratitude for your support and for being part of our journey. As a family-owned business, we started with a different venture but found our true path with The O-Ring Store, which has been growing consistently since May 2007. Despite economic conditions and huge struggles, we've followed a basic business plan, achieving remarkable results thanks to your trust and support.

Thank you once again for choosing The O-Ring Store LLC.

Thank You,

Marty C Frostad 
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