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We make getting O-Rings easy! Millions of AS568 O-Rings, Metric O-Rings and Hydraulic Seals Online.

The O-Ring Store LLC, 1847 Wilma Dr, Clarkston, Washington 99403

The O-Ring Store LLC offers the seal industry's best selection of stock o-rings. An extensive stock of compounds and durometers in standard AS-568, JIS, and ISO 3601 O-Ring sizes. In addition to the millions of O-Rings in stock, The O-Ring Store LLC has strategic USA and global O-Ring factories to provide any size in large or small quantities.

Why O-Rings from The O-Ring Store LLC?

  • It's What We Do and who we do it for. Our customers and our O-Ring seals are the best in the world.
  • Millions of O-Rings and seals available for same day shipping.
  • Custom Size or Specialty Materials: Custom size O-Rings, Washers, Square Rings, and X-Rings in almost every material.
  • Online Customer Service: Email or live chat, communicate directly with our team Customer Service professionals.
  • Dedicated Account Representatives for B2B, OEM, MRO and wholesale O-Ring accounts. Experienced professionals to take care of you.
  • O-Ring Certification of Conformance upon request
  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Distributor
  • OSK™ O-Ring Service Kits: Designed to bring ease and selection in Repair kits and assortments.
  • Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings: Custom O-Rings any Dimension from 5" ID and up.

As part of our effort to make getting O-Rings easier, we needed more space for our expanding inventory. Our new warehouse is nearly 8,000 square feet of easily accessible O-Rings and seals. Plans are currently under way for our new 4,000 square foot warehouse expansion. The near future includes another 13,000 square foot building in the Port of Wilma. One will house our office and warehouse, the other for manufacturing custom molded product, custom O-rings and rebuild kits.   

To best serve you we would like to invite you to register on our web site or setup a shop account and allow us to supply you with your sealing and repair kit needs. As a family-owned business we enter our 11th year of business in 2018 with great excitement. We have added additional inventory, product offering and great new staff members that not only make it easier to get o-rings, but for us it makes it great to come to work. Our plan is to continue adding new product and services to enhance our current offerings. Adding The O-Ring Store LLC as your O-Ring and seal supplier will improve your ability to repair or build your products and service. We know how hard it is just to get the product you need, by having a shop account and registering you will receive the appropriate business discounts, permanent cart, address book, and order history.

We plan on the being the best supplier of O-Rings, Seals, and O-Ring Kits by accomplishing several small goals.

  • Give you access to on-line pricing for live O-Ring inventory.
  • Be a part of each others success.
  • Provide order information and shipment data.
  • The industry’s best customer service.
  • Build an O-Ring repair kit for every piece of equipment.
  • Increase our product offering and inventory that you request.
  • Help you find the right O-Rings or seals for your project.
  • Custom rubber compounding to meet the most demanding OEM material specifications
  • Supply quality products at the right price.
  • Deliver every product as quickly and economically as possible.
  • Add something new every single day.
  • OEM Startup Assistance Program.
  • Treat every customer with care and respect.

Vulcanized O-Rings - Custom O-Rings any Dimension

Vulcanized O-Rings are available on-line and a viable solution when standard o-rings cannot be used. Vulcanized O-Rings (or Spliced O-Rings) are great for a custom design or a unique size that is not included on the standard charts. One of The O-ring Store's specialties is fabricating special sized o-rings in house for fast delivery, normally shipping in 2-3 days. Our vulcanizing department can make just about any non-standard size from 6" to 36" ID. Any Inside Diameter can be manufactured with additional lead times.

Thank You,

Marty C Frostad
The O-Ring Store LLC
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We make getting o-rings easy!

Just a few words about me and my family:

My former career of 25 years was managing Electrical Wholesale Companies until March, 2007. As it goes in large companies, my new district manger did not see the value of honest business and made requests I could not perform. At that point my family took a vacation and stayed a week on the Oregon Coast to decide what direction our lives should take. As a family we opened a Paintball Store/Field and we started selling O-rings online as The O-Ring Store. I enjoyed being in the Paintball business with my family but due to the economy it could not last and we had to close the Shop December 25th, 2008 and the field April, 2009. The O-Ring Store has taken a much different path and has been growing every month since it was started May, 2007. Even with economic conditions since we opened the on-line store, we have followed a basic business plan with goals as outlined and have been very happy with the results you have given us.

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