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120 Teflon Encapsulated Silicone O-Rings


  • Model: TES120
  • 25 in Stock
  • 1"ID X 1-3/16"OD X 3/32"CS
  • Actual: 0.987"ID X 0.103"CS
  • Metric: 25.07mm ID X 2.62mm CS

1"ID X 1-3/16"OD X 3/32"CS

Teflon® Encapsulated Silicone O-Rings

A Teflon Encapsulated o-ring is a circular shaped seal with a round cross section consisting of two components, a Teflon® jacket and an internal (core) energizer, which imparts memory to the seal. The encapsulated O-ring is intended to close off potential leak paths between mating surfaces in both static and dynamic applications.

FEP Encapsulation

The most versatile when considering overall corrosion resistance, sealing capability and temperature. Temperature range -450°F to +400°F (-267°C to 205°C).

Silicone Core

This elastomer possesses mechanical properties similar to Viton®, with the exception of its slightly lower compression set resistance. It is more suitable for sensitive applications where lighter compression forces are applied to energize the seal. This core has a Shore A hardness of 70 but it also offers a broader operating temperature range of -80°F to +500°F. (-62°C to +260°C).

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