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Hydraulic Seal Kits By Model

Whether you need specialized O-Ring seals or off-the-shelf standard O-Ring seals, we have them all at great prices. Consider us as your source for specialty polymers, hightemperature performance, and chemical resistant O-Ring and seal application requirements. O-Ring selection is based on the chemical compatibility, application temperature, sealing pressure, lubrication requirements, quality, quantity and cost. That, combined with long list of materials from which you can chose from, plus the thousands of sizes—as well as numerous specifications specific to certain uses (aerospace, military, etc.) means that there are many thousands of possible combinations. Large manufacturers and distributors claim as many as 14,000 individual SKUs and tens of million unit in stock. We have 30,000 SKUs listed online and about 50 million O-Rings in stock.

Required O-Ring Information:

  • O-Ring Size (inch or metric) - Cross Section ( thickness ) X Inside Diameter
  • Temperature Requirements
  • Compound or Material Being Sealed
  • Operating Pressure - Durometer Rating
  • And of Course Quantity Required (Non-Stock O-Rings may require a minimum)

With this o-ring information we can assist you in finding an o-ring seal that matches your needs, via phone, email or live online chat. An additional consideration is compliance with use standards and specification such as have be established by the military, drinking water, food processing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, etc.