Buna-N O-Rings - Special Compounds

Special Compounds in NBR Buna-N Nitrile O-Rings

While Nitrile rubber is considered to be a general purpose material for O-Rings and many other seals, it can be specifically compounded for many purposes.  Grades are available for: food processing, use with milk and edible oils, potable water and other specialty applications. Internal lubricants may be added to reduce frictional properties and extend wear. Specialty Nitrile polymers can be produced by carboxylation or hydrogenation HNBR.

Durometer from 30 to 90, Temperatures from -70° to +300F° (-56° to +148C°) FDA O-Rings, 3A O-Rings, NSF O-Rings, Mil-Spec O-Rings and numerous specialized compounds for specific material certifications.

Monthly Specials For June - Buna-N O-Rings - Special Compounds

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