.118'' (3.00mm) Buna-N 70 O-Ring Cord Stock, 7' Piece, Black


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  • Model: N70.118/07
    Dimensions: 0.118+/-0.016"
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Round Nitrile, Buna-N (NBR):

Round Buna-N Nitrile O-Ring Cord is an essential component for many industries, providing a reliable seal for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Made from high-grade nitrile rubber, this cord is resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals, making it an ideal solution for sealing and protecting a variety of applications. With its round cross-section, this cord is also extremely strong and flexible, allowing it to be cut to any desired length and shape. This makes it a perfect choice for use in applications where a tight seal is required without sacrificing flexibility or durability. From automotive, industrial and agricultural to marine, plumbing and more, Round Nitrile O-Ring Cord is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. With its superior performance and long-lasting reliability, it is the go-to option for many industries.

Nitrile, Buna-N O-Ring Cord (NBR):

Nitrile, also known as Buna-N or NBR, is a copolymer of Butadiene and Acrylonitirle. It is the most commonly used elastomer for sealing products. It has a temperature range of -40F to +250F and is exceptionally resistant to petroleum base oils and hydrocarbon fuels. Nitrile materials also exhibit excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance properties. The material performs well with most dilute acids, silicone oils and lubricants and in water applications. It is not recommended for use with ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and phosphate ester hydraulic fluids.

How to calculated O-Ring cord length needed:

O-Ring Cord Cut-Length Calculator

How to calculate O-Ring cord length needed: ( ( OD + ID ) / 2 ) x Pi = length Pi=3.14159 Inside Diameter (ID) = Outside Diameter (OD) - twice the cross section (C/S) ID = OD - (2 x C/S)

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