6226-07 U-cup Seal EPDM 70


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1/2" I.D. X 7/8" O.D. X 3/16" C/S


  • Standard material is 70 durometer EPDM.
  • Conform to Army-Navy specification AN6226.
  • Rated for pressures to 500 PSI.
  • Part numbered as AN6226-20 (dash numbers are industry standard).

Compound is a 70 durometer black high strength EPDM rubber formulated specifically for use in alkalis and acids, with the exception of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid. It exhibits good resistance to heat and compression set. This, coupled with its good low temperature flexibility, allows for its use over a wide temperature range. Compound is also very resistant to polar materials such as water, phosphate esters, ketones and alcohols. Further, it demonstrates excellent resistance to weathering and steam. Peroxide cured.

Compound 23711 is UL approved per JOHX2 for water, steam, air and inert gasses. This compound is also suitable for use in anhydrous ammonia.


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