HS568-226 Polyurethane Head Gland Seals 2-1/4x0.187x1/8-C/S


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2-1/4x0.187x1/8-C/S High  Replaces a -226 and Back up Ring

A modern day, heavy-duty gland seal, used for enhanced performance, in place of an O-Ring or O-Ring and Back-Up Ring combination, used to seal threaded glands in Mobile Hydraulic cylinders. The gland seal provides a high dynamic, pressure energized sealing effect, with 4 sealing contact points that increase in radial force as pressures increase. The gland seal is primarily designed for heavy-duty, static sealing applications. Its unique design resists the extrusion and pressure damage that normally occurs with O-Ring gland seals. It is easy to install the gland seal over threaded glands without damage to the seal and provides excellent rebound resilience, hydrolysis and abrasion resistance.

Polyurethane head seals for high pressure hydraulic applications are an alternative to conventional O-ring and back-up ring combinations for static sealing applications at high pressures.

Technical data:

Pressure: < 400 bar at a temperature of 60°C
Temperature: from - 35° C to + 100° C with peaks till + 110° C

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