Sta Rite Sand Filter Cover O-ring


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  • Model: O-108
    Dimensions: 5-3/4"ID X 6"OD X 1/8"CS
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Replacement Pool O-rings 5-3/4"ID X 6"OD X 1/8"CS

This a replacement O-ring also used for the following part numbers:

  • Acura 1059 Aquaheat Large Pump O-ring
  • Aqua Flo FCF-11 O-ring
  • Cooper 6575 T & TCN Lid O-ring
  • Doughboy 308-1038 O-ring
  • Doughboy 308-1099 PPI Diffuser O-ring
  • Gulf 352507091 Power Tech 2 Housing O-ring
  • Jacuzzi 47-0256-06 PM Filter Valve O-ring
  • Pentair 018608 Leaf Trap O-ring
  • Pentair 071422 Aquatron Lid O-ring
  • Pentair 154493 Filter Dome Lid O-ring
  • Pentair 154495 Triton II Closure O-ring
  • Pentair 211236 180 Leaf Trap Lid O-ring
  • Pentair 211366 In Line Leaf Trap Lid O-ring
  • Premier 31-256 O-ring
  • Sonfarrel 201004 Filter Body O-ring
  • Sta Rite -- Sand Filter Cover O-ring
  • Sta Rite -- Delrin and Sand O-ring
  • Sta Rite 35505-1272 O-ring
  • Sta Rite 35505-1273 Float Valve O-ring
  • Sta Rite 35505-1409 Skimmer Lid O-ring
  • Swimrite 70-828-828 Small O-ring
  • Waterway 805-0256 Bath Pump Volute O-ring
  • WMC JS-1701 Pump Housing O-ring-Center Discharge
  • WMC JS-1791 JS Series Housing O-ring
  • Aladdin O-108
  • SSC O-2041

*All manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. O-rings and Seal Kits are assembled with high quality, aftermarket parts.

Buna-N O-Rings 70 Duro (NBR):

Nitrile, also known as Buna-N or NBR, is a copolymer of Butadiene and Acrylonitirle. It is the most commonly used elastomer for sealing products. It has a temperature range of -40F to +250F and is exceptionally resistant to petroleum base oils and hydrocarbon fuels. Nitrile materials also exhibit excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance properties. The material performs well with most dilute acids, silicone oils and lubricants and in water applications. It is not recommended for use with ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and phosphate ester hydraulic fluids. More than 50% of the Orings sold are Nitrile Orings, commonly used in hydraulic/pneumatic motors, cylinders, pumps and valves.

Buna-N / Nitrile Recommended uses:

  • General purpose sealing
  • Petroleum oils and fluids
  • Gasoline
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • L.P. gases
  • Fresh Water
  • Sea Water
  • Silicone greases and oils
  • Di-ester base lubricants (MIL-L-7808).
  • Ethylene glycol base fluids (Hydrolubes)

Nitrile is not recommended for:

  • Halogenated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene)
  • Nitro hydrocarbons (nitrobenzene, aniline)
  • Phosphate ester hydraulic fluids (Skydrol, Fyrquel, Pydraul).
  • Ketones (MEK, acetone)
  • Ozone
  • Sunlight, UV
  • Weather
  • Strong Acids Ozone
  • Automotive brake fluid

Operating temperature: -40° to +250F°


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