OSK™ O-Ring Kit for Monitor Magnum Frost-Proof Hydrant


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Replacement O-Ring Service Kit for Monitor Magnum Frost-Proof Hydrant

OSK™ O-Ring Service Kit includes:

  • 3pc - SE2115N71 Teflon Coated O-Rings
  • 1pc - Premium Garden Yard Hose Washer
  • 1pc - Super Lube® 92000 Silicone Lubricating Grease 1cc Packet

The absence of adjustments, plus the unique construction of your Monitor® Hydrant makes maintenance very simple and easy. The only parts requiring replacement, under normal conditions, will be the three O-rings. No large pipe wrenches needed.

How to Replace the O-Rings in a Monitor Magnum Frost-Proof Hydrant

  1. Turn off the water supply
  2. Loosen the hex screw in the collar
  3. Pull out PVC wet pipe
  4. Replace O-rings
  5. Apply a thin coat of the included 92000-1CC Silicone Lube on the O-Rings
  6. Hydrant stand pipe must be completely drained
  7. Install wet pipe back in hydrant stand pipe
  8. Handle must be in closed position
  9. Bottom out the head casting on the stand pipe
  10. Rotate the head casting outlet clockwise looking down on the head to the direction you want it
  11. Make sure collar is perpendicular with stand pipe
  12. Tighten hex screw – Do Not Overtighten

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