RTUL250-2.000-375B Rod Twin Lip U-Cups Loaded


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  • Model: RTUL250-2.000-375B
    Dimensions: 2"ID X 2-1/2"OD X 1/4"W X 3/8"H
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2"ID X 2-1/2"OD X 1/4"W X 3/8"H

High Performance Loaded Twin Lip Rod U-Cups

Loaded U-cup utilizing a polyurethane shell energized by a high specification resilient O-Ring.

At zero or low pressure, the O-Ring helps to increase the sealing force preventing any bypass. As pressure rises the sealing force increases and the O-Ring ensures complete lip actuation under most conditions.


  • Easy installation
  • Improved shock handling
  • Twin-lip design offering
  • Lower friction
  • Primary lip protection
  • Increased seal stability
  • Complete lip actuation

Seal Materials:

Polyurethane Body - Buna-N O-Ring Energizer

Operating conditions:

Max Pressure: 6000 Psi
Temp Range: -50°F 230°F
Max Speed: 3 ft/sec

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